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A Word From Sifu Andy Van Arum

Come and experience the beauty and power of the Chinese martial arts!

Thank you for you interest in Shaolin-Do Kung Fu and T'ai Chi of the Lubbock area. All Information about our system can be located at North Austin School, or so I won't bother repeating the same information.

To receive more information about the school,  E-mail us with the subject title "mailing info," or give us a call at (806) 777-1312 and leave a message. Don't forget to leave all of your mailing address information (name, street address, city, state, zip code, and/or phone number)

A Word of Thanks

I'd like to thank and acknowledge all the instructors and master of Shaolin-Do for their excellent teachings and strong moral character that have been an inspiration to us and essential to the survival of Shaolin-Do. Also, a special thanks to Grandmaster Sin The, Elder Master Bill Leonard, and my teacher Master Joe Schaefer for their unselfish sharing of the art I love so well, and I will continue to study, train, and do my best to help others in their honor.