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Essentials of Martial Arts

8 Essentials of Martial Arts as seen by Sifu Andy:

Respect: You can never show too much respect! Although I do not always demand high respect, I always like to see it, and appreciate those students who show it. For proper respect see our list of rules in the school and read Senior Master Leonard's List of Courtesies:

2. Practice: Good class attendance is important to learn our extensive material and to be able to perform it correctly. Also, practice outside of class on your own time is important to excel in your martial arts performance. The harder you practice the easier everything becomes and the less effort you have to put out.

Timing: Knowing how to time your attacks, defense, and counterattacks correctly is important for the effectiveness of martial art technique. Good timing is usually achieved through partner drills.

Balance: Good balance is important to have in order to stay on your feet and use your style correctly in application.

Power: Power is important to thwart an opponent. If an attack is not powerful enough to cause damage to the attacker, then it becomes mostly useless and you best chance for survival is running away or if they eventually give up.

Speed: Another important quality is speed. There are several elements that speed consists of. They are the time it take to react to an attack or opening, the time it takes to recognize what the attack is and what you should do, and also how fast you are capable of movement. Put these together and you have your speed.

Technique: Proper technique plays a huge roll in your power, speed, and the effectiveness of a movement. Diligent practice and asking questions in class is the only way to achieve coordinated, precise, and effective technique.

Control: This is a must in order to have a safe class environment to practice in especially when working with a partner. If you can't go fast and stay controlled, then keep it slow so no one get injured. Control is also very important to have in a confrontation. If you lose control of yourself, the all your practice, timing, balance, power, speed, and technique will fail you. Martial arts is about controlling you mind as well as your body.